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River barges

A range of high-value-added services, leasing and sales of river transport equipment

With 170 years' experience in river transport, Touax River Barges has developed innovative and exclusive solutions for long term leasing and sales of assets for manufacturers and river transport logistics operators on the main river basins in the world.

TOUAX provides an innovative range of services for the river barge market, thanks to its mastery of all aspects of the river transport chain...

Touax River Barges offers its customers total expertise in the river transport sector:

TOUAX Group manage a fleet of 105 river barges, and is the biggest leasing company for bulk cargo barges in Europe and South America.

Unique international presence...

Touax River Barges has an extensive geographic presence in the main river basins in the world:

The Group plans to develop to other river basins located in emerging countries in order to extend its global presence.

Thus, Touax is involved in many development projects of river and river-sea activities in Africa.

Prestigious customers...

A constantly evolving market...

River transport remains the most competitive means of inland transport (7 times cheaper than road transport), which is the cheapest for the community (oil consumption 3.7 times lower than road transport), the most environment-friendly (4 times less CO2 than road transport) and continues to unblock the road networks (a barge convoy in the USA replaces 3,000 trucks on the road).

TOUAX aims to triple its revenue from sales and leasing of barges with associated services over the next five years.