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Power of the engine

Dead weight

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Touax 194 barge located on the river .

This barge is located in Europe, on the river .

This barge is offered for sell and rent by Touax River Barges, a specialist in the lease and sale of river barges, pushboats, and motor-driver river vessels.

Specific information on the Touax 194 barge located in Europe on the river .

This barge was built in 2021.

This barge is 79 m in length, 11.4 m in width, and 3.8 m in height.

Its deadweight tonnage is 2528.264 tonnes.

The price of this barge is set at 0 euros.

Sell and rent of the short TAF Seine barge located in Europe on the river .

Touax River Barges offers this barge for sale or lease.

For lease, Touax River Barges offers a specific financing option. Each offer includes different services. You can choose the offer that best suits you for this Touax 194 barge.

You can also purchase this barge for the price of 0 euros.